La Barranca - Breckenridge, CO: Our History



history of la barranca colorado breckenridge cottageIt only took us 5 minutes to decide to make an offer on this house and the 2 neighboring lots back in 2006. All we know about it's history is that it was built in 1969, was previously owned by a couple for 13 years and had two owners prior to them.


As builders we were interested in renovations and changes made to the house since it's original construction. It doesn't appear to have been changed much. Both fireplaces are original as are the room locations. The deck has been changed over the years and finishes updated but all-in-all it is still the mountain cottage the original builder constructed. We only wish he (or she!) had given us at least 2x6 walls for more insulation! Probably it wasn't meant for heavy winter use at that time. Until we replaced the 10 foot sliding door in the living room with a window, that entire room could open to the deck.


cute cottage kitchen breckenridge coloradoWe've made a few changes over the past 3 years. First was decor.  We kept a few pieces that transfered with the purchase but generally have added our own, eclectic flair with an effort to maintain a mountain feel without any antlers or pinecones! We still want new sofas, bar stools and a few other items but think we have pieced together a cute place. Most of our guests agree.


Dawn and Terry La Barranca ownersAdding the laundry was the first big project. The closet was not large enough so Terry had to do some expanding and plumbing. Thank goodness, as we get pretty dirty there :-). Next was the gas fireplace. We really needed the heat and now the house stays very toasty in the winter months. >After that the baby blue bath and tiny shower had to go. We have a 6' 6" friend who really couldn't fit in the shower.


Next was the hot tub, which is fantastic. The view of the stars from it at night are magical. Since we love to hunker down and eat in there, the original kitchen had to go. Terry did that project in 2 weeks and is still groaning about it! We did sell the lot to the north of the stream, a very welcome transaction as the real estate market began it’s decline. We still own the ¾ acre lot to the South and enjoy playing on it when we’re there. We will build on it eventually but we are holding out to do the project ourselves to make sure it doesn’t negatively impact La Barranca.